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When: 21 August 2021
Where: Le Locle train station, 09:00 - 09:15

COVID-19: a participation registration is mandatory due to the sanitary measures imposed by the authorities.

What is this?

Le Loclathon is an annual event created in 2015, organized by longtime friends, who, since 2020, have founded an eponymous non-profit association around this project. It brings together all absinthe lovers for a 12 hours and 25 kilometers trip through the watchmaking city of Le Locle in order to rally all of its 27 official fountains.

A glass is savoured by all at each fountain to share a good time between friends, all by visiting the city of Le Locle.

Are you an amateur of absinthe? So join us to our trip!


To whom is the event open?
To everyone.
Do I have to sign up to participate?
Yes. The current situation due to the COVID-19 disease requires a subscription for all participants.

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So it's free?
What should I bring with me?
Drink of your choice, a glass and a good pair of shoes. Something to eat eventually. You can also buy food at noon when we arrive at the city center.
We also ask you to take masks and hydroalcoholic gel. Thank you for your understanding!